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Mrs. Laase's Class Website

Weekly Updates: May 28, 2019

Hello and welcome to my class website! I update this weekly, so if you're ever looking for information about the class and/or school, check here first :)


Updates, notes, and thoughts...


**Friday Folders: what went home last week

1. Science packets - About Waves and Making Sound Waves

2. Exit Tickets 11 and 12

3. Module 6 Mid Module assessment

4. Summer Reading Log from Mrs. Hayes

5. Information re: Outdoor Ed. 


It's not too late to make your field trip donations! Use this link:


Curriculum updates...


Language Arts: We are done with all FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE: similes, metaphors, idioms, hyperboles, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, and imagery. This week, we will do a review of all the different Figurative Language that we have learned in this packet and look for figurative language in our books that we're reading. This packet will come home this week!


IXL is our supplemental online website that goes along with our grammar skills. After we review a skill in our Daily Grammar Packet, I can assign them the same skill on this website for extra independent practice to ensure they understand and can apply the new skill. I reviewed their progress scores with them and reviewed what skills they should be focusing on. They can access this from home if you would like to see what skills they are working on and how they are doing.


Word Of the Day program: We are done with 100 words! Students finished making their cards and have been studying their words.

This week, we will do a grade level wide Vocab Bee with all of the 4th graders. 5 students from each class will be selected to compete for the title of the Master of Vocabulary :) 


Last week, they took a final test on all the words last week and the students with the highest scores will given the opportunity to represent our class in the Vocab-Bee! Students will be notified at the end of the day today and of course, if they would like to not participate they don't have to! Then we will just go down the list to the next highest scoring student.




Reader's and Writer's Workshop: 


Reader's Workshop: all done! Students will be given time for free reading, discussion with their reading partners, and using their Figurative Language packet to record things they find while they're reading. 


Writer's Workshop: we are mostly done! We have a few Island projects to wrap up but mostly we will be spending our time finishing our Famous Californian reports. 


When they finish their Famous Californian reports, students will gather some final thoughts and have time to practice giving a short presentation (3-5 minutes) to the class on the Famous Californian and the Mission project.


Math: All done!! We'll do some practice/review with math games this week, but NO MATH HW! :)



If you or your child would like some extra explanations on the lessons from each day, as well as for the Homework, below are two VERY helpful links. The first link is to You Tube videos with Mr. Habecker. He is a teacher in Pleasanton that has recorded himself teaching ALL of the lessons for each of the modules!! These are a huge help to show you how I taught the skills- I sometimes use these for students to review after I teach a lesson for extra help. The second link is a map of the lessons so you know how many are in each module as well as a link to printing the Homework. If your child forgets or loses the homework, you can use this link to print it so that they still complete his/her HW that night.



Someone during conferences gave me an important reminder about these videos! Mr. Habecker usually uses the Math HW from that lesson during his video, so if you are having your child watch it, please make sure to watch it with them and go through the HW together, just to make sure they aren't just copying what he did on the video.


Lessons and HW:


Social Studies: all done! 



In Science Lab this week: Engineering a cantilever bridge and then Final Jeopardy!



  • SNACK RECESS is during the 10:30 recess. Please remember to try and avoid snacks with peanuts or other tree nuts so that we are careful of our friends with allergies. 

  • WATER BOTTLES: The students are allowed to bring a water bottle to school and drink from it occasionally during the day. It must have a top that closes and it will stay on the ground to prevent spills. 

Schedules and Important Upcoming Dates

Daily Schedule: M, T, Th, F -- 8:35 - 3:05

*** The first bell rings at 8:30 and I will pick the students up in our line (507) shortly after that. We will be in the classroom by 8:35 for school to start. Please arrive before this time so your child is not marked tardy or absent. 


Wacky Wednesday Schedule: 8:35-1:55


Minimum Day Schedule: 8:35 - 12:25




Science Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays 9:40 - 10:30, Every week


P.E. Schedule: Wednesdays 9:40-10:30, Every week




Friday, April 12: Sacramento Field Trip


Monday, April 29 - Friday May 10th: CAASPP testing


Monday, May 7: Walk Through California (on site field trip)


Monday, May 27: Memorial Day, No School


Friday, May 31: Last day of school, minimum day, out at 12:25