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Marla Kearsley

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First Day: 8:35-10:05

Regular Days: 8:35-12:35

Wednesdays: 8:35-12:05

Minimum Days: 8:35-11:05

Sight Words

Week of 10/14: the, and

Week of 10/21: are, a, to

Week of 10/28: I, you

Week of 11/4: see, go

Week of 11/18: my, like, on

Week of 12/2: so, in

Week of 12/9: is, said

Week of 1/6: an, can, up

Week of 1/13: look, me, at

Week of 1/20: come, no, it

Week of 1/27: here, play

Week of 2/3: have, his

Week of 2/10: has, as, her

Week of 2/19: was, one

Week of 2/24: she, he, we

Week of 3/2: for, or, be

Week of 3/9: they

Letters Covered

Tt, Bb, Ff, Mm, Nn, Ii, Uu, Cc, Oo, Aa, Gg, Dd, Ss, Ee, Rr, Pp,Jj, Ll, Hh,Kk, Vv, Xx, Yy, Qu and Zz. All letters are now learned.