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Files for Kindergarten Families

Marla Kearsley


First Day: 8:35-10:05

Regular Days: 8:35-12:35

Wednesdays: 8:35-12:05

Minimum Days: 8:35-11:05

Snap words

me     this        to

the     here      we 

a        is           be

I         an          got

like     it            was

my      in           went

see     and        he

look    can        she

at       do           how

you    am          did

on     get           fun

up     play         say

day   come       said

too   are           love

all    ball           had

will   by             so

no     go            as

has   her           him


Important Dates

5/31 Last day of school Minimum day - 11:05 dismissal