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Spelling Words week of 4/8






NO 5th word this week

Star Student Rotation Schedule


Henry-Week of 9/10

Pasha-Week of 9/17

Oliver-Week of 9/24

Riley-Week of 10/1

Enzo-Week of 10/8

Addie-Week of 10/15

Maggie-Week of 10/22

Declan-Week of 10/29

Addison-Week of 11/5

Tommy-Week of 11/12 NEEDS TO MAKE UP

Thanksgiving Break-Week of 11/19

Tanner-Week of 11/26

Joey-Week of 12/3

Regan-Week of 12/10

Violet-Week of 12/17

Holiday Break-Weeks of 12/24 and 12/31

Katherine-Week of 1/14 NEEDS TO MAKE UP

Kasey-Week of 1/21

Charlotte-Week of 1/28

Lilah-Week of 2/4

Isabella-Week of 2/11

Preston-Week of 2/18-NEEDS TO MAKE UP

AIdan-Week of 2/18 

Lia-Week of 2/25

Ashley-Week of 3/4

Adell-Week of 3/25

*Preston-Week of 4/8

*Tommy-Week of 4/15

*Katherine-Week of 4/22






Star Student Activities

Monday: Share Poster

Tuesday: Bring in a special item to share with the class (please no animals)

Thursday: Bring in your favorite book to share with the class

If it is a picture book, we will read it to the class

If it is a chapter book we will read the student’s  favorite part/page/ chapter (if it is short)

Friday: Star Student receives "compliment for classmate" book comprised of a compliment given by each student.

Log in information

Log in information in case your son/daughter would like to us, Google Docs and any other educational online programs used at school, at home. 




For Google Docs:

and the password is the students' ID numbers


Newsela:student weblinks on the Greenbrook home page.  Go to Student portal.  Username is gb.firstintiallastname password is the student ID#


Dreambox-Logins and password are specific to each kid.  Email me if your son/daughter doesn't remember.


Google Classroom-Student weblinks to Google login.  Username is gb.firstintiallastname password is the student ID#. Find the "box of dots" in the upper right hand side and click "google classroom".  Anything I have assigned (including writing pieces" will be there



Stacey Moffitt

Name: Stacey Moffitt

School: Greenbrook Elementary

Class: Third Grade Room 509

Office Phone: 855-5300

Classroom Phone: 855-5330



Peek at the Week


Upcoming Lessons:


  • Math-Review-Module 7 Lessons 1-5
  • Social Studies-branches of government
  •  Science-Weather
  • Reader’s Workshop- Test Prep
  • Writer’s Workshop- Test Prep
  • Spelling-confusion, independent, sometimes, whether
  • Other- Cloud Essay Writing
  • Read Aloud Book-Charlotte's Web


Upcoming Activities:

  • April 11-PTA Meeting, 6:30pm, Library
  • April 12-Greenbrook Dinner & Auction, 6:00pm, Crow Canyon Country Club
  • April 13 - April 27-Greenbrook Online Auction
  • April 26-Maker Faire, 5:00-7:00pm, MPR
  • April 29-CAASPP Testing ELA
  • April 30-Mendocino Farms Fundraiser, 5:00-8:00pm
  • May 3-Spring Fling, 6:30-8:30pm, MPR
  • May 6-CAASPP Testing Math
  • May 27-NO SCHOOL
  • May 29-End of year party
  • May 30-Last day of school 12:25 dismissal







Multiplication Timed Test Schedule starting week of 1/28

*Tests given twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

*60 facts tested in 5 minutes

*student needs 55 correct to pass


Week one – 2s and 5s

Week two – 10s and Mixed Review Test of 2s, 5s, 10s

Week three – 0/1s and 9s

Week four – 3s and Mixed review of 0/1s, 9s, and 3s

Week five – 4s and 6s 

Week six- 7s and 8s

Week seven- Mixed review of 4s, 6s, 7s and 8s

Week eight- Final of all mixed numbers (if passed all at this point) OR start the retakes of any test not passed




  • If you would like to come onto campus during the regular school hours (8:30 - 3:00), you more than likely are assuming the role of a school volunteer - - you have a clear purpose or role you are engaging in with students during this time. Examples include parent facilitators for centers in the classroom, book readers (including "mystery reader"), party helpers, recess and noon duty supervisors, library helpers, art helpers, etc. This also includes chaperones for school sponsored field trips. All volunteers need to have a level 1 clearance through Be a Mentor:
  • Once you have been given level 1 clearance, you are approved to function in the role of volunteer on campus and/or during field trips. When you come to campus in this role, you will need to:
    • Sign the visitor log at the front desk of the office
    • Check in with the front office staff who will verify your level 1 clearance
    • The office staff will provide you with a volunteer badge that needs to be visible at all times while you are on campus. The reason for the visibility is so that students and school employees are assured you have gone through the proper channels for clearance and accountability. When you are finished with your volunteer role, you will sign out at the front desk and return your badge to the office staff.

CAASPP Practice Testing Link

CAASPP Testing is new to 3rd graders.  We will be doing activities and practice tests in class.  The link below allows you to practice at home.  


2018-2019 CAASPP schedule:

English/Language Arts- Week of 4/29

Math-Week of 5/6


For Practice tests to work on at home, click here.


The best way to get a hold of me is through email. My email address is   I check it consistently and respond pretty promptly. However, if there is something that needs to be relayed to your child immediately during the day, the direct phone number into the classroom is 855-5330.




I can't wait to get to know our class!  These first couple of weeks will be busy with me learning about your child, both academically and personally and your child learning the routines and expectations of 3rd grade.  This will be a great year for your child to develop as a student and as a kid.  It's very important for me to build a class family feel where everyone feels a part of our class team...9 months is a good chunk of time to be together, so I'm hoping that our class can work together in how to resolve problems, talk to each other, and just being aware of everyones' feelings. Kids tend to learn more, when they are happy about going to school. It's going to be a whirlwind at first with beginning of the year assessments, both with reading and writing. I will utilize the first few weeks reading one on one with every child to gage a starting point reading level wise.  That will ensure that we are on the right track with books that are not too easy or too hard.  I try to update my webpage consistently- primarily when a new concept, unit of study, field trip, or any other important info there is to relay to all of you.  I tend to send out all class emails as well, so I am hoping to create a class group with all of your email addresses sooner, rather than later.  


Keep in mind, I am a parent of two boys and completely understand different personalities, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.  I also understand when things happen beyond our control. Keeping open communication is key.  Please don't hesitate to email me whenever about whatever.  


I'm so excited to make this a great year!


A little bit of info about me:

My educational background includes both an undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Sociology and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California State University, East Bay. My professional background includes teaching in a variety of schools, both public and private and in a variety of grade levels from 1st-5th.  
On a personal note, I grew up in Walnut Creek, but have lived in Danville for the past 14 years with my husband, our two boys, 6th  and 8th graders at Charlotte Wood, and our dogs Daisy and Emmie.  I knew from an early age that I always wanted to be a teacher and I am so fortunate to be able to teach at such a great school.  I can't wait to make this a memorable 3rd Grade year!

Character Trait Monthly Winners


Ashley Boyle



Henry Weeks


Nov/Dec-Kindness and Caring:

Declan O'Connor



Adell Anderson




Katherine Li



Isabella Haughton






May-Soaring Eagle:




Every Friday we hold our "Weekly Nominations".  The students nominate a boy and a girl who they feel has been a good friend, student, helper, or someone they feel has made improvements in and out of the classroom.  The winners' pictures are posted on Mondays, along with direct quotes from their classmates.  The winners also have special jobs and privileges all week.






Week of 8/20:

Lilah and Pasha


Week of 8/27:

Violet and Declan


Week of 9/4:

Ashley and Tommy


Week of 9/10:

Isabella and Aidan


Week of 9/17:

Maggie and Preston


Week of 9/24:

Adell and Henry


Week of 10/1:

Ashley and Oliver


Week of 10/8:

Make up week due to conferences


Week of 10/15:

Charlotte and Tanner


Week of 10/22:

Lilah and Joey


Week of 10/29:

Make up week due to a short week


Week of 11/5:

Off week


Week of 11/13:

Kasey and AIdan


Week of 11/26:

Make up week 


Week of 12/3:

Violet and Tanner


Week of 12/10:

Addison and Enzo


Week of 1/14:

Aidan and Riley


Week of 1/22:

Addie and Joey


Week of 1/28:

Regan and Oliver


Week of 2/4:

Lia and Declan


Week of 2/11:

make up week due to short week


Week of 2/24:

Preston and Katherine


Week of 3/4:

Oliver and Ashley


Week of 3/25:

Joey and Maggie





My Boys
IMG_1618 copy.png


Macedo Ranch: Tuesday, 10/9/18

Forest Home Farm: Thursday, 2/21/19

One Room School House: Tuesday, 3/26/18

Concord Food Bank:TBD



*All field trip slips/donation amounts were given at Back to School Night so they can be signed and turned in all together. If you didn't have a chance to do so then, please do so at your earliest convenience. 

**Please remember to have your Volunteer Clearance (Tiers 1 and 2) up to date if wanting to drive or volunteer at any school activity.