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Ms. Fernandes' Class News



News for Room 501  



Looking forward-  THIS WEDNESDAY-May 22nd -Kinder dress up day-Dress like a pirate!  ARGGG

                            No school, Monday, May 27

                            Wed. May 29th- Field Day.  dress like PE, wear tennis shoes and sunscreen

                            Thursday, May 30th- Kindergarten rotation day/ end of year celebration-dismissal 12:35

                            Friday, May 31st- Last day of school-dismissal 11:05



Music-all done


Library- all done


P.E.-Monday- all done


SPECIAL ME FOLDERS-  Your child brought home their Special Me folder.  Their date is noted on the folder.  You can choose to complete and send it as soon as your finished so we can look at the folder all year, or you can wait to bring it in the week it is due.  The students love to see themselves and classmates!



HOMEWORK-  nightly reading and log on May Reading Log, practice Wee Willie Winkie rhyme, and practice naming, spelling and writing the snap words(see above for the most current list). 

Continue practicing name writing and have your child start at the top for their letters and write an upper case letter followed by lower case letter.





  • Your child will need a snack daily. Please be sure it can be eaten in 10 minutes. If your child attends Kids Country, packing their snack separately will be helpful to your child.
  •  Be sure to label all belongings.
  • To be the most safe, please wear tennis shoes.  No open toed shoes, please.




This week in room 501....


Phonics:We will continue to work on syllables and blends and not forgetting to add vowels to all syllables when spelling.  We are also reviewing word if you know slat, you know flat, you know that...  We will finish up our Best Guess Spelling Notebook.  This is a book where students labeled items using their best guess spelling or phonetic spelling.  I encourage you to find pictures in magazines for practice over the summer.


Snap Words- These are high frequency words which your child needs to know how to identify and spell.

NEW words- Review

Words taught so far- are, they, with, said, has, had, no, so, have, all, ball, go, by, too, love, come, for, play, day, say, you, am, did, how, she, he, got, went, waswe, becan, do, to, look, at, see, Ime, a, the, like, my, here, this, is, an, in, it, and.  Support pages have come home for practice.  Please practice and keep at home.  If it is a book, it can be placed in your child's book box and can be read over and over!

Bonus words- park, house, dad, mom, friend, dog, cat, boy, girl, man


Ways to practice Snap Words- chalk write, write in soap in the bath, rainbow write, make letters with play dough, stamps, paint, make with Legos...the list goes on.


Reading:  We are reviewing all of our skills we have gained throughout the year both in fiction and non-fiction books.


Writing: We wrapped up our opinion unit and are reviewing narrative writing.  We will send home some of our pieces around this hard work.

Writers write a little, read a little to be sure it all makes sense.



Theme of the Week:  Landforms, pirates and push and pull 



This week in Math we will continue to discuss tens and ones and counting the tens way - i.e. one ten/three ones-13 and finish up our math journals


Science: push and pull.  Our class is trying new engineering activities around push/pull. We will finish up our science journal.  We will test different models and see which is the best to get the marble moving the fastest or traveling the longest.


Social Studies: landforms and maps



We will be participating in activities around building community within the classroom and around the campus, specifically focusing on our S.O.A.R. rules.


S- Self Control


O -Offer Kindness


A- Act Responsibly


R- Respect yourself and others


In our classroom, there is incentives individually, class wide and table points wise. Students earn individual tickets when they are caught demonstrating one of the SOAR rules, as well as when the table exhibits SOAR skills.  Sammy Self Control, Ollie the Offerer, Responsible Rabbit and Helpful Hedgehog are also incentive stuffed animals who look for SOAR behaviors and sit with your child for the day as a reward.

Our SOAR friends are taking their turn sitting at different tables for those tables displaying the most on task behaviors each week.