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Mrs. DeMichiel's Second Grade

Weekly News

Rain, rain, go away... I don't know about you, but I am so over the rain!  I am ready for some sun!!


This week we earned our class party! Next Wednesday we will celebrate by wearing our PJ's to school, bringing our favorite stuffed animal and watching a movie. We also earned a popsicle party through the Box Top competition, so we will be indulging in those just about dismissal time!  What a day! 


This week we began publishing our "realistic fiction stories." The students have REALLY enjoyed this unit of study! They have come up with some pretty creative stories.  You'll have the opportunity to read them next week at our Open House!


Next THURSDAY is Open House!  This year's Open House is different than in years past.  This is a "work in progress" night.  Your students will show you current work they are doing and you will have some fun activities to do together that night.  The time is from 6:00-7:00. I am to remind you that due to the way this night is set up, we are asking families NOT TO VISIT 3rd grade classes (or the next year classes) after coming to our room.  Please let families enjoy the night with their students without feeling bombarded or rushed!


Next Friday is a minimum day.  All students attend school from 8:35-12:25!


Spring Break is April 1-5.


The school auction is April 12th, buy your tickets now!


Our word work we have moved on to homophones!  We will also continue to review synonyms and antonyms! :)



In math we have moved on to graphing!  You may notice, most students are doing well with organizing the graphs, but are still struggling to understand what the questions are asking them.  I have given them the "hint" that "MORE" really means minus.  Please review exit tickets and any unfinished worksheets that are coming home with your student!


Here is the link to Duane Habecker.






When it is your child's super star week, please remember to have their "special reader" cleared through Be A Mentor.  EVERYONE must be cleared in order to be allowed the classroom! Thank you in advance!





Mrs. DeMIchiel
Mrs. DeMIchiel