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Here is the website from which I get a lot of my helpful stuff for parents, but there's good stuff here for kids, as well.


Here is the link for the parent newsletter for the current math module. 


Here is the link for the preview videos for the lessons in Module 1. Scroll through the menu on the right of the page to the lesson we're on currently, as we progress through the module.


I'll do my best to keep these up to date!


Colin Ritchie

The Latest News for Fifth Grade!

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Dear Parents,

     We have our first field trip coming up in a month. On October 3rd we are going to the Oakland Marina to go on a brief Bay cruise on FDR’s “Floating White House” the USS Potomac. It is a wonderful learning experience and, on a beautiful day, really makes you appreciate where we live. We will leave Greenbrook at 9:30am and arrive at the Oakland Marina around 10:00 or so. The boat leaves at 10:30, but we’ll board around 10:15. The trip is a quick one and we’ll be back on land and back at Greenbrook by around noon. Please let me know if you can drive and how many kids you can take in your car. Also, check to make sure your insurance information is up to date in the Office and that you’re cleared to drive. Give me your cell number, too, so I can forward all contact information to Mrs. Andre, our Field Trip Parent.

     Also, for the Flag Assembly next Wednesday, September 11th, we thought it would be nice to have everyone wear red, white, and blue clothing. 

     Don’t forget the Camp Arroyo Info Meeting on September 12th at 6:30 in the MPR. Come pick up your packets with packing lists and other necessary forms and sign up to be a chaperone, if you’re so inclined.

Finally, Picture Day is Friday, September 13th.


That’s all for now!



All Camp information below is now current (I changed the dates).


Don't forget about the Camp Arroyo Info Meeting next Wednesday, September 12th at 6:30pm in the MPR. We'll answer any questions and have Chaperone Lists ready for those interested parties. I already have 2 dads and 1 mom, but we could use more of each, so let me know if you're available and get started getting cleared through Be A Mentor. 




If your child will need medication, either over-the-counter or prescription, internally, or topical, for Outdoor Ed. I will email a copy of the SRVUSD Medication Form to all families. Those who need it must have it completed by a doctor. Students without this form will not receive any medication.


I will need the District Medication Form ASAP, as I have to organize and complete district paperwork prior to leaving for camp. 





Please write 3 letters/cards/poems or more for your child (from a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparents). The letters don't need to be long, just a short note from home. FYI: Absolutely NO candy, snacks, or money, these are not allowed, and please don't make the tone of the note sad.  


Put the letters in 3 separate envelopes with your child's first and last name, teacher's name, and the day (if you have a preference) in which you would like your child to open it. 


For example:

The 5th grade teachers will go around to the cabins and distribute the letters to the students each night. Usually the students read the letter before they go to bed. 

Please send in the letters by Monday, November 4th or earlier, so I have time to get them all organized before the trip.  You may send them in to class with your child or drop them off in the office. They will put them in my mailbox. 



3) OUTDOOR ED DETAILSHi Ho, Hi Ho…off to camp we go!


Tuesday, November 12th:

  • Students come to school at normal time with all gear.  Remember to pack sunscreen and quiet games like playing cards for cabin time and/or a book/journal. Your child should also bring a light jacket for the evenings as the temp can get nippy. 
  • Leaving GB Tuesday @ 11:30
  • Chaperones arrive at 11:10 to the classroom.
  • Students must bring a BAG LUNCH for the first day of camp.
  • Students are to bring all gear with them to school at 8:25. 
  • Please check the weather and pack accordingly.
  • Make sure to send a reusable water bottle with Child's name on it for the week.
  • NO ELECTRONICS, CELL PHONES, CANDY/SNACKS! They will be taken away and consequences will be enforced. 
  • IMPORTANT: Any MEDICATION needs to come to school with your child on Tuesday morning in a Ziplock bag with his/her name on it. Remember only students with a signed doctor's form will be allowed to take medication. 

Friday, November 15th

  • Returning to school on Friday @ approximately 1:00. The return time may change by 15 minutes or so, if so, I'll send an email with the update. 

Leaving Camp Procedures:
After long hours of intense discussion, personal reflection, and legal responsibilities, we have decided that any student who would like to leave or needs to leave Camp Arroyo to attend previously committed events or for medical appointments may do so. Please adhere to the following process.

  1. Your child must be picked-up and signed-out by the parent/legal guardian (no-exceptions), who will take full responsibility for any and all issues or injuries occurring off Camp Arroyo property between the times they are signed-out. NO CARPOOLING ALLOWED.
  2. You must sign-out/in your child each time. The sheet will be located with a teacher in the infirmary building.  
  3. Your child will be allowed to return to camp if he/she can be back by 8PM, if not, he/she can return the next morning at breakfast 8:15-9:00 am. Again, He/she must sign-in at the infirmary building with a teacher. Please text or email me for regarding special circumstances for pick up or drop off. 
  4. NOTE: You will need a GATE CODE if you are coming to camp to pick up your child. Please email me for the code.

Camp Arroyo Address: 

5555 Arroyo Rd

Livermore, CA 94550





Old Business below             

The children will receive less than 35 minutes of homework per night, including at least 20 minutes of independent reading, which will continue throughout the school year.  Homework will be assigned nightly and will be due the following day.


We have P.E. on Mondays and a “Morning Warm-up” on the other mornings, except Wednesdays.  Please be sure that your child wears appropriate shoes and clothing on those days.  We have Science on Tuesdays and Fridays.


We have some new ideas and the 5th Grade Team and I are excited to get started. This is going to be a great year and thank you in advance for your support.



Colin Ritchie

Current Assignments

NAME: Colin Ritchie

SCHOOL: Greenbrook School

CLASS: 5th Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: (925) 855-5340


My name is Colin Ritchie. I am 47 years old and was raised in Walnut Creek, California. I graduated from Las Lomas High School and UC Santa Cruz. My parents were teachers, my grandparents were teachers and I feel very lucky to do a job that I absolutely love. I've been teaching at Greenbrook my entire career and this is my 21st year. I taught 3rd grade for 9 years, 4th grade for one year, and this is my 11th in 5th grade.  
I live in Pleasant Hill and have two kids. My daughter, Megan, is going to be 16 and my son, Sean, will be 13. In my free time I like to ride motorcycles, go surfing when I can, cook, garden and ride bicycles. A perfect day on vacation would be spent surfing with my kids in Santa Cruz, or somewhere with warmer water, followed by a Mexican food lunch and a nap.


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