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Mrs. Parlett

Classroom Updates: May 2019



Here is what is happening in the classroom this week:



We will be having our SOAR STORE this Friday. We have some items for the store, but would love any donations! The students are excited to spend the tickets they have earned!


Greenbrook Online Auction

Please check out the link below for the Greenbrook online auction. There are some great things to bid on!


In reader's workshop, we are continuing with our series book club unit. The students will be reading books in a series and having the opportunity to work and discuss their books with other students reading the same series as them. This week the students have chosen the first series they would like to explore. The students will read about 3 books in a series before moving on to another series. 


Word Work

We will be working on our autobiographies during this time.


Writer's Workshop

We are continuing with our opinion writing.


Social Studies

3 Branches of Government



In the Science Lab with Mr. Pelham....

Plant Survivor Mystery Science - Each student is given a plant card that details the amount of light and water the plant needs. They observe how well their plant survives under different scenarios that include drought, buildings blocking shade, and animals getting into the area their plants are growing and eating them. It is usually goats, they will eat anything.



This week we will begin with Module 8 -  Time, Shapes, and Fractions.



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. The easiest way to contact me is through e-mail. My e-mail is




Mrs. Parlett




Snack Recess

Students have snack recess at 10:00 and 2:05 each day. It is important that they come to school with healthy "NUT FREE" snacks.  We encourage them to be responsible for their snacks and pack a piece of fruit, or consider some protein and water...something to nourish their bodies and brains. Thank you for providing healthy options at home and encouraging their snack selection.