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Mrs. Parlett

Classroom Updates: November 2018




Due to Veteran's Day, we will be having library tomorrow morning (Wednesday, November 14th). Please have your child bring in their books tomorrow morning. Thank you!



Nightly Reading/ Reading Log

Please be sure your child is reading 20 minutes a night. It is very important for their reading fluency and comprehension. Every Friday, I do check to see if the students are filling out their reading log. On Fridays, a lot of reading logs are coming to school blank and a lot of them are coming back without a parent signature. Please be sure your child fills out their reading log each night and gets a parent signature on Thursday nights. 



Reading Levels

Starting this week, I will begin assessing the students' reading levels. At this time, I believe a lot of students are reading to move up a level. I hope to have all of the reading assessments done by winter break. 



Field Trip

Our next field trip will be on Thursday, November 29th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Thank you for returning the permission slips and parent volunteer information.


STEM PROJECT - Thanksgiving Table

Last Friday, the students had to construct a table using only 12 inches of tape and 12 index cards.  The students were partnered up and given about 30 minutes to complete the task. The table had to be able to stand on its own and on top of the table the students had to place 8 paper Thanksgiving food items. The students worked well together and they were all able to complete the task! Please take a look at the slide show to see how your child constructed their Thanksgiving table.



Here is what is happening in the classroom this week:



Reading/Language Arts

In reader's workshop, we are continuing with our non-fiction unit. This week the students are learning how to pay attention to all the details in their non-fiction books to gain a better understanding of the topic they are learning. The students are also learning that often when they read non-fiction books, questions come up. The students are learning to keep these questions in mind as they read to see if they can answer the question they have. 



Word Work

This week, we are continuing to practice plural nouns. The students will be able to recognize when they need to add a -s, -es, or -ies to a word to make it plural.



Writer's Workshop

This week in writer's workshop we will continue our non-fiction writing unit. The students will continue to write about topics they are experts at. For example, if a student knows a lot about cats, then they will write a book about cats teaching us all they know on the topic. 




In the Science Lab with Mr. Pelham......


Chemical Change – Make Butter. We will discuss how energy is required or released during chemical reactions. Each student will use their muscles to create enough energy to turn milk into butter by shaking a small container like a polaroid picture. We'll sample our butter and see what evidence we have that there has been a change.




This week in Math we will begin Module 4 - Understanding Place Value. 


Below is the link to the Module 4 videos......



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. The easiest way to contact me is through e-mail. My e-mail is




Mrs. Parlett




Snack Recess

Students have snack recess at 10:00 and 2:05 each day. It is important that they come to school with healthy "NUT FREE" snacks.  We encourage them to be responsible for their snacks and pack a piece of fruit, or consider some protein and water...something to nourish their bodies and brains. Thank you for providing healthy options at home and encouraging their snack selection.