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Challenge Completed

When you have completed your “challenge,” submit your name on the Google Form: CLICK HERE to be entered in a weekly drawing for the “Soaring Eagle” award.  The class winner will be awarded the small eagle mascot and will bring it to the flag salute the following week to pass it on to the new class winner.


Soaring Fairness Award:

Be on the lookout for one kid who displays outstanding behavior with being FAIR. Use this Google Form to nominate your student at the end of the month or sometime before February 23rd: These students will be recognized at Flag Salute, take a group photo for display in the front office, and receive a small gift of appreciation.

Suggestions :)

Please contribute any suggestions you may have for books, videos, improvements, etc. on this Google Form.


Teacher Resources

Trustworthiness Character Connection


Digital Citizenship: Developing a Culture of Trust & Transparency 


Teaching Character: The Choices We Make. Interesting article that will probably challenge your belief system.  Worth the read. 



Be Kind


Some trustworthiness traits include:

  • Be honest

  • Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal… if you find something that doesn’t belong to you, turn it in your teacher or the school office.

  • Have the courage to do the right thing…if you see someone in trouble, get the help of a yard duty volunteer or a teacher

  • Be reliable…do what you say you’ll do

  • Build a good reputation…by doing your best on all things you do in school, sports, and your community

  • Be loyal…stand by your family, friends, and countries

Challenge Activity-April 2019

The “Challenge" Activity:  

Special note: Please feel free to customize/modify any challenge to fit your grade-level needs.

1)  Show your students this 2-minute video about how "Good-Hearted kids return lost wallet" with $700 dollars in it. Have a discussion around the trait of TRUSTWORTHINESS. Upper grades, you can have your kids write down their answers as a variation. 

EXTENSIONS IDEAS...Feel free to show Nasim's Story of Honesty that landed him on the Ellen Show from last year challenge. This may be a repeat for some kids, but either way, it's still worthwhile if you are looking for an additional source.  Additionally, you can read a book on trustworthiness from the list in the right-hand column. 

Here are some jumpstarter questions to help facilitate a discussion:

  1. How does cheating, lying, or stealing affect friendships or what people think of you?

  2. Should you return a wallet even if you will not get a reward? Why or why not?

  3. Is it always easy to be honest? Why or why not? 

  4. What might you do if you found something that didn't belong to you, steal it or try to return it?

  5. Why is it important to keep your promises?

  6. How would you feel if a friend didn't keep his or her promise to you?

  7. What do you think will happen if you say you're going to do something, but then don't. For example: Your parents let you have a playdate with your friend because you said you cleaned your room as they asked you to do. However, they find out later that you weren't honest and didn't clean your room. Will your parents trust you the next time? 


  1. Give each student a 1x9 inch strip of paper. 
  2. Brainstorm and ask students to think of a way they can show honesty in school, at home, or in their community then write/draw it on the strip. 
  3. Sit in a circle and have kids share their ideas. 
  4. Glue the strips together creating a chain symbolizing the trait of trustworthiness. Hang in your classroom. 
  5. We will collect the chains at the end of the month to display at Flag Salute! 




The Empty Pot

by Demi

The Empty Pot

 Online Version



  • Too Many Tamales, by Gary Soto. Online book 

  • Pinocchio, by Carl Collodi

  • Being Trustworthy, by Mary Small

  • LIst of 15 Best-Selling Books: Trustworthiness



“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend” -Henry David Thoreau

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth" - Buddha

For every good reason there is to tell a lie, there a better reason to tell the truth" - Bo Bennett


Trustworthiness (all grades)

Integrity (all grades)

Kids with Character: Honesty (grades 2-5)

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