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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a limit to how many enrichment classes I can sign my child up for?

A: Each class is limited to a specific number of students, but you can enroll your child in as many enrichment classes as your schedule will allow.



Q: How do I enroll my child in the enrichment program?

A: Simply fill out the appropriate registration form for the class you would like to enroll in. For most classes the registration form can be filled out and mailed to the instructor along with a check made payable to the instructor. Each class requires a separate registration form and check made payable to the instructor.


Q: Where can I find the Registration Forms for the Enrichment classes?

A: Registration forms can be found online through the After School Enrichment quick link found on Greenbrook's homepage. From there, simply click on the link of the class you are interested in and you will be directed to a PDF file that contains information about the class along with the registration form. Print out the form and mail it to the instructor along with a check for the amount of the class. 


Q: Does my child need any special equipment to participate in the enrichment classes?

A: No, each class will provide the necessary supplies or equipment for each child.   



Q: If I know my child will have to miss a couple of classes, do I still have to pay the full amount?

A: Yes. Each class is priced at a fair and reasonable price, that still allows the instructor(s) to be paid, and for the
cost of any supplies/equipment needed.



Q: Can I register my child for enrichment classes online?

A: At this time, registration requires a printed Registration Form. Registration forms are available online, however they must be printed and mailed to the instructor along with payment. Each Enrichment class has its own Registration Form.



Q: When is the deadline for registration?

A:  Registration for each session is open for several weeks.  Classes fill up quickly, so be sure to turn in your Registration form early. Waiting until the end of the registration period may result in your child not getting into the class of his/her choice.  Please mail in completed registration form and payment to the instructor promptly.



Q: How can I pay for Enrichment Classes?

A: Checks should be made out to the instructor of each class. Please write a separate check for each class you are registering for.



Q: If my child goes to Kids Country after school can he/she participate in Enrichment Classes?

A: Yes. The instructor for your child's class will be responsible for making sure your child returns to Kids Country after the class.   Kindergarten students are walked by instructors to Kids Country after class.



Q: What happens if it rains and my child is in an outdoor class?

A: The class may move indoors or some sports classes may continue on blacktop or field depending on weather.



Q: What is the policy for cancelled classes?

A: If a class is cancelled for any reason, the instructor will contact you and let you know that class has been cancelled and will be rescheduled. A replacement class will be arranged to make up for each cancelled class.



Q: What is the policy for refunds?

A: Please choose your classes carefully, as refunds will not be granted.



Q:  What if I don't receive an email confirmation that my child is enrolled in a class?

A:  Confirmation emails will be sent at the end of the registration period. However, in the event that you do not recieve an email, assume that your child is enrolled UNLESS you hear directly from the instructor that a class is FULL. While reminders are often sent prior to the start of class, it is the parent's responsibility to make note of the date that a class begins.  



Q: If I have an idea for a new Enrichment Class, to whom should I submit my idea?

A: We welcome any new leads for Enrichment Classes, as well as encourage feedback regarding classes that your child has taken.   Please email